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5. Client Commissioning

Once the client decides to go ahead with the project, using DSDC, DSDC asks for a commissioning deposit towards your exciting new home project. We will release the drawings, make any design revisions, and specify your selections. Next, we use all of our resources to get the ball rolling and putting you many steps closer to a brand new, custom-designed kitchen.

3. Creation of the Design

Next, we create the design necessary to reach your goals. At this point, the designer will detail the approximate cost to make your project happen. Each estimate is tailored to your individual vision and choices.

2. Home visit and site measurement

The home visit allows our team to better visualize the project and how it corresponds with the rest of your home. Our design professionals will view the area’s color schemes, ambiance and overall feel. Then, the measurement gives us the final specifications needed to create the ideal living space you’ve envisioned.

1. Showroom visit

Your showroom visit will give you the opportunity to see our semi-custom to custom kitchens from the United States and Europe. We will walk you through our product lines, explaining the importance of various styles, features and manufacturers. Here, we learn more about your needs, and help you identify the right kitchen for your needs.

4. Presentation

The client is then invited back to the showroom for a full presentation on how we will make your project happen, from start to finish. Here, we discuss the design concept, decide on the product, and finalize the costing. 

What to expect